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Laser Cataract Surgery

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Laser Cataract Surgery

Manchester Ophthalmology is pleased to offer laser assisted cataract surgery, with the LenSx(R) laser.

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LenSx(R) laser ManchesterThe LenSx(R) laser has recently received FDA approval for use in cataract surgery and allows us to perform a blade-free laser version of cataract surgery. This is the same femtosecond laser technology that has been used for over a decade in Blade-FREE LASIK eye surgery. This femtosecond technology will allow surgeons to make an opening into the lens, create corneal incisions, correct astigmatism and perform lens fragmentation by using a laser.

Traditional phacoemulsification cataract surgery has been around for many years and has been very effective for most people. The technique of phacoemulsification cataract surgery was initially invented in 1967 by Charles Kelman, MD. This breakthrough literally paved the way to small incision micro cataract surgery. Although phacoemulsification is considered to be the current state of the art cataract removal technique, many steps in the cataract procedure are performed manually with, either a surgical blade, a bent needle, or forceps. Laser cataract surgery with the femtosecond laser can now perform these initial steps.

When you choose to have your surgery performed with this LenSx(R) laser, you’ll enjoy a technologically advanced procedure that allows for laser use in cataract surgery. A bladeless, computer-controlled laser allows the surgeon to plan and perform your surgery to individualized specifications.

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