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Because we aim to please our patients, Manchester Ophthalmology LASIK is affordable. We offer advanced technology and one of the most experienced LASIK surgeons in Connecticut.

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LASIK Candidacy

Not everyone is a candidate for the LASIK procedure. Each individual person has extremely unique eyes. Before LASIK is performed you will be required to undergo an extensive eye exam and a series of diagnostic tests to determine the health of your eye, to obtain an exact measure of your refractive error, and to ensure that there is nothing that would prevent you from having an excellent refractive surgical outcome. All of the testing is performed by Dr. Petashnick, our operating surgeon.

After a thorough evaluation, we will be able to determine if you are a candidate for refractive surgery, and then discuss the best refractive surgical option for you. If you wear soft contact lenses, you need to be out of lenses two weeks prior to your evaluation. For those who wear gas permeable lenses, you need to be out of contacts four weeks prior to your evaluation. This will ensure the most accurate measurement of your refractive error.

Want to start your road to LASIK now? take our 2-minute self-evaluation to find out if you’re a good candidate for LASIK!


Your decision to have LASIK laser vision correction is a serious decision. Ultimately, you will be the one to make the final decision. When selecting a LASIK surgeon, it is important to select a surgeon that can honestly explain your visual needs. Dr. Petashnick is a fellowship trained cornea specialist who will spend time examining your eyes and thoroughly discuss your refractive surgery options.

In 98% of LASIK cases the visual outcome is 20/40 or better, however, this is a surgical procedure and risk is still involved. The ultimate goal of LASIK is to reduce your dependence on glasses and contact lenses. LASIK does not always create perfect 20/20 vision, though most cases are successful in improving vision. This is an important decision. This is your eyes and your quality of life.

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