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Wavelight EX500

Because we aim to please our patients, Manchester Ophthalmology LASIK is affordable. We offer advanced technology and one of the most experienced LASIK surgeons in Connecticut.

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Manchester Ophthalmology is proud to utilize the newest FDA approved excimer laser, Alcon’s Wavelight EX500 Excimer Laser System. With the integration of cutting edge technology, the Wavelight EX500 is able to ensure faster, safer and more reliable treatment. Superior speed, multidimensional eye tracker, laser precision and online pachymetry allow the skilled surgeons at Manchester Ophthalmology to deliver the best patient care experience with the benefits of reducing recovery time and enhancing patient outcomes.

Here at Manchester Ophthalmology, we have been committed to providing the most advanced treatment for our patients, using the safest and most recent technology. That’s why we use the Wavelight EX500 – it is the fastest excimer laser available today (operating at 500Hz) with a treatment time of 1.4 seconds per diopter, a 20 percent improvement over early generations.

By operating at 500 Hz, the faster laser head reduces the probability of corneal stromal bed dehydration during the procedure. This can contribute to over-correction and happens with the flap that is created in the eye. The increased speed paired with an extremely accurate algorithm decreases the likelihood of stromal drying of the cornea during the procedure, which increases patient comfort and decreases patient fixation fatigue.

This technology makes for a precise outcome, greater patient comfort, reducing recovery times, all while minimizing swelling, inflammation and dryness, making excellent patient care an easy task for our skilled surgeons.

With the fastest multidimensional eye tracker that can track 10 times faster than they human eye can move, it’s no wonder the Wavelight EX500 is one of the safest excimer lasers on the market. A featured 2 millisecond latency time and the capability to track a wide range of pupil sizes, the sensitivity to patient eye movement is minimized. A built in self-regulator allows the laser to adjust the speed as needed based upon the movements of your eye, which calibrates for fluence (the amount of energy delivered to the eye’s tissue in each pulse) itself automatically. In order to reduce thermal impact to the surface of the cornea, the laser optimizes the pattern of pulses to overlap every fifth pulse. This improves the overall surface quality of the ablation (vaporizing of tissue via laser) increasing precise results and greater patient comfort.

The patented PerfectPulse Technology invented by Alcon allows the Wavelight EX500 to do what other lasers cannot. By delivering a precise pattern of pulses to the periphery of the cornea minimizes spherical abberations, in turn reducing the risk of nighttime glare or halos. Being able to continually provide high pulse frequency coupled with minimal thermal tissue damaged allows for increased precision and safety to give the patient the best treatment results.

The Wavelight EX500 has the ability to monitor and measure corneal thickness (pachymetry) before, during and after the procedure. These measurements along with the treatment data are stored in a file system that has been designed to track patient records a lot more efficiently. This online optical pachymetry gives the surgeon the ability to always know the patients corneal thickness through the entire procedure. The integrated Nomogram Optimization enables the user to track operating parameters while still allowing the surgeon to adjust their personal calculations.

The Wavelight EX500 has been a huge advancement when it comes to refractive surgery. Its efficiency, accuracy and safety allow our surgeons at Manchester Ophthalmology the ability to expand their treatment options. This allows them to accept a wider range of patients, like those with higher prescriptions and higher- order abberations, to have access to laser vision correction.

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