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Mary Rossettie

Dr. Petashnick was highly recommended to me by another local surgeon. I found him and his entire office to be warm, thorough and dedicated to the best experience for the patient. My Restore lens surgery was totally without pain and provided me with complete visual freedom from glasses for the first time in many decades. I cannot resist telling every person I meet about the easy experience, affordability and truly spectacular results. I am so glad I did it and will be free from contacts, cleaners, frames and lenses indefinitely.

Betty Benavides

It’s a miracle !  When you’ve worn glasses for 58 years ( 45 with contacts ) and you’re basically blind without them, this is a miracle when Dr. Petashnick does surgery on your eyes and you can see far away and close up without anything. He said I was a good candidate for ReStor lenses for my cataract surgery and my husband, a doctor, and I decided to go for it. I was so blind that he said I wouldn’t like the depth perception difference after one eye was done, so he said he would do the second eye one week later. His assistant explained everything very well and I went home with very detailed instructions on drops and appointments. We left the house at 6:30 AM and returned at 9:30 AM after being in surgery 25 – 30 minutes with Dr. Petashnick explaining what he was doing. I came home with a patch on my eye and the next morning it was removed and I could read the eye chart amazing ! The first morning I woke up without the patch my husband said “ I know what you’re looking at” – all the pictures on the wall of our children and grandchildren that I had never been able to see when I woke up before. - Thank you!

Betty L. Daniels

I came into see Dr. Petashnick for my yearly eye exam. As I had done the year before, I question him about Lasik surgery. Dr. Petashnick was so positive on the procedure, that after forty years of wearing glasses and contacts, I decided to have the procedure done. I was a little nervous, but very determined to go through with the Lasik procedure.

I was welcome by an extremely friendly staff. They offered not only refreshments but also a calming and reassuring attitude that made me believe I made the right choice. I was given some Tylenol and they then took pictures of both eyes. Drops were put into my eyes at that time. I then sat in a very nice waiting room. Ten to fifteen minutes later more drops were put in both my eyes. Dr. Petashnick arrived with Stacey, his assistant. Stacey was not only by far the most informative assistant I have met but, also, the most friendly and caring I have had the privilege of knowing. Stacey is an asset to Dr. Petashnick’s staff.

I was called into the surgery room and the procedure was under way in a very short time. Dr. Petashnick explained everything that was going to happen. The most I felt was some pressure, no pain. I think the most I was feeling was anxiety. I think being awake for any procedure is very stressful. The first eye was done in less than ten minutes, with no pain ! The second eye was the most difficult because knowing what was going to happen made me more tense. Still the second eye was done with no pain. Ten minutes later I was done.

For about fifteen minutes after the procedure my eyes were scratchy. This passed very quickly for me and I went home and relaxed. The next morning I arrived at 8:00 A.M. to Dr. Petashnick’s office to have the clear contacts he puts in your eyes and the plastic shields removed. Both were put on to protect you from rubbing your eyes during the night. I went home and went back to bed. I woke a few hours later and I could see as clear as I did with my glasses or contacts. Each day after it was better and better. One week later I returned to Dr. Petashnick’s office for a check up and learned I now had 20/20 in both eyes. This was not bad for someone who was considered legally blind without glasses or contacts just the week before.

If anyone asks my opinion as to whether to have this procedure or not, my response will always be “without any doubt”.  As a matter of fact three of my family members are now investigating the possibility of having it done. Dr. Petashnick and the staff at the Lasik Center are great. You cannot go wrong with them!

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